Estate Planning

Securing the future for yourself, your family, and your business can bring peace of mind today, and save you time, money, and hassles later.

James S. Horwitz, P.C. provides personal estate planning services structured to meet the special needs of our business owner clients.

At our Houston, Texas office, advice and assistance to clients occur with sound estate planning and probate support. Our extensive business law experience provides insight into how Wills, Trusts and other asset preservation tools can protect your business interests.

We help you build a custom business continuation plan designed to protect a company’s hard-earned assets and property as well as protecting businesses during probate litigation.

Most adults have contemplated their own mortality and recognize the importance of a well thought out, professionally prepared Will. However, it’s an established fact that more people in the State of Texas die intestate than with a Will.

Whether you are a retiree who is contemplating your final wishes or a newlywed who is attempting to secure the future of your new family, it’s never too early to begin estate planning.

When you retain our services, time is taken to understand your concerns and needs. A Will is drafted that is both legally sound and resistant to contests upon its execution. James S. Horwitz, P.C. stands by the documents that we produce for our clients.

For the purpose of easing the family member’s use of those documents at the critical time of end of life decisions The Houston law firm of James S. Horwitz, P.C., helps adult men and women—in all stages of their lives—prepare for all future eventualities through the use of our standard estate planning package which includes:

  • a Will, 
  • Medical Power of Attorney with a Directive to Physicians, 
  • HIPAA release, 
  • and General Durable Power of Attorney

We can include a designation of a guardian in the Will where minor children or incapacitated dependents are involved. In most cases, we can provide this necessary package of documents for a flat rate for both individuals and couples.

Additionally, we represent clients who may have concerns about a recently deceased loved one or business associate. The facts of your case are reviewed and a determination will be made whether or not the validity of the Will, or provisions in the Will can be supported or contested in the Texas probate courts.

Sound Estate Planning Strategies

Careful estate planning can allow you and future generations to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. James S. Horwitz, P.C. provides these personal legal services structured to meet the needs of the business owner: Establish a reciprocal buy/sell arrangement between business partners to avoid disputes and other complications upon
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Avoiding Probate Complications

Without a last Will and Testament in place, probate can become complicated, time consuming and expensive to resolve. James S. Horwitz, P.C. will work with you to determine the best options for avoiding probate, explaining how a living trust can be used to effectively transfer a family business, avoid probate
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Powers of Attorney and Trusts

A Will is an important and fundamental tool that is used to ensure our clients’ futures. However, a Will is limited in that it only triggers upon the death of the testator. On the other hand, a power of attorney agreement can give a trusted person the ability to make
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The Role of Wills and Trusts in Estate Planning

People often schedule appointments with Texas estate planning attorneys with the intention of drafting a Will. After all, a Will or Testament is the document with which most of us are familiar. However, once they sit down with a qualified professional, they often realize that their estate planning needs are
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Another thing that people learn when they are planning their estate with their attorney is that there are often tax advantages to be had by not waiting until death to transfer assets. To avoid probate, estate planners may recommend an Irrevocable Trust. The funds or assets that a person transfers
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Estate Planning – Guardianships

For most Texas parents, the first priority in estate planning is to ensure the well-being of their minor or disabled adult children. In many cases, if one of the parents dies, it is assumed that the other will take over as the sole caretaker of the child. However, life can
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The Importance of Selecting a Guardian

A guardian is a trusted person who is responsible for the minor child or disabled adult with regard to medical, residential, educational, and financial decisions. These duties can be divided among more than one individual. For instance, one responsible adult could become the Guardian of the Person—the guardian who makes
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