Business Law

We are uniquely structured to cover almost all areas of the law that businesses will encounter.

For that reason, our firm’s niche is serving as general counsel for small and mid-sized business in the Houston area.

James S. Horwitz, P.C. has experience in every aspect of business law from formation and the contracts a business needs with employees, suppliers and customers through any legal dispute the company might have. We also has extensive experience with collections and creditors’ rights, which every business needs.

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Starting or Changing a Business?

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We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas, including:

General Counsel

Your company may not need legal representation every day, but when it does, we give each client the individual attention required. Our broad spectrum of legal knowledge is reliable and available with a phone call. Continue reading

Business Formation and Business Transactions

The choice of business entity potentially affects every aspect of a business’ operations. James S. Horwitz, P.C. helps entrepreneurs decide whether they want to operate as a closely held corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or other organization. Continue reading

Contract Development and Disputes

James S. Horwitz, P.C. represents clients facing breach of contract actions and other contract disputes. We have experience with a wide variety of contracts, including employment agreements, sales contracts, real estate contracts, construction contracts, and more. Continue reading

Real and Personal Property

At the office of James S. Horwitz, P.C. we provide comprehensive legal advice and representation in a full range of real and personal property issues. Our firm has significant experience handling legal issues related to the purchase, sale, and/or leasing of real and personal property matters. Continue reading

Commercial Litigation

James S. Horwitz, P.C. represents and advises business clients in lawsuits relating to business disputes. We also provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) representation and litigation prevention counseling to commercial clients. James S. Horwitz, P.C. has appeared in Texas state courts, Federal District Court, Bankruptcy Courts, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Continue reading


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Due to the breadth of commercial law services that James S. Horwitz, P.C. provides, we often serve as general counsel to our commercial clients, advising them in all day-to-day legal matters affecting their enterprise. James S. Horwitz, P.C. also provides a wide range of personal legal services, such as Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Probate, Family Law, and General Litigation advice, structured to the needs of the business owner.