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James Horwitz, Attorney, Houston Texas

James S. Horwitz, Attorney

Before law school, while James Horwitz was in college and later in graduate school, he was a leader in the youth services field for many years developing half-way houses for runaway and throwaway kids in the greater Houston and Texas area.

This early 1970s phenomenon of helping youth in distress mushroomed throughout the United States resulting in his participation in Washington, D.C. assisting in the creation of national legislation that developed the National Runaway Youth Hotline, as well as funding for community centers throughout the United States.

During law school, James created a number of tax exempt organizations servicing the needs of families in distress in the Houston, Texas area. He was instrumental in both writing grants seeking assistance from the private sector–including businesses, foundations, and religious institutions–as well as writing applications in response to requests for proposals from governmental entities, city, county, state, and federal.

His experience in working with youth service oriented organizations resulted in his frequent attendance in juvenile court on behalf of children and their families as well as being a resource for juvenile court judges on many cases. Hence his foundation in juvenile, criminal, and family law.

Obviously, the needs of those businesses were varied and required a person who could wear many “hats” on a daily basis. Upon completion of law school in 1977 and admittance to the Texas Bar, the concept of James Horwitz being a general counsel came about out of necessity in order to fully service the needs of the organizations he created and now represented as an attorney.

Business Counsel in Houston Texas

The Law Offices of James S. Horwitz, P.C.

After competing law school more than 33 years ago, James Horwitz has operated his law firm with a single focus-represent business owners as their general counsel. The experience he has gained from operating his organizations as well as his own law firm for decades has given James Horwitz the unique perspective and sound judgment that a business owner needs and should seek on a day to day every day basis in order to be successful.

After initially leasing space for several years, in 1982 James Horwitz bought an historical 1910 building in the Midtown area of Houston, Texas where James S. Horwitz, P.C. is located today. The offices of James S. Horwitz, P.C. at 4109 Caroline, Houston, Texas 77004 are easily accessible with the ability to park your vehicle directly in front of the building for free.