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James S. Horwitz, Attorney

After completing law school–more than 33 years ago–James Horwitz opened his own law firm with a single focus . . . represent business owners as their own general counsel.

James Horwitz brings to each client the wisdom and judgment gleaned from many years of practice involving the multitude of conditions and situations that confront business owners on a day-to-day basis. This often involves not only their business needs but issues in their personal lives and in the lives of their employees and family members as well.

After all, isn’t that what clients really want?

A counselor who understands their business and can provide solid advice, proper planning, and sound judgment.

Our philosophy is the proactive practice of law.

In accordance with that philosophy, we strongly encourage our clients to consult with us before issues become toxic.

Our firm’s policy is to be readily available to discuss your questions and concerns. This approach best enables James S. Horwitz, P.C. to protect the interests of its clients. We understand business needs prompt and pragmatic advice. We combine a wide spectrum of legal knowledge with the perspective of an unbiased advisor. This unique perspective enables James S. Horwitz, P.C. to identify business risks before they become problems and to provide proactive legal and business advice that less experienced corporate counsels too often overlook.

We are there when you need us – in person or remotely, one day or every day at your discretion.

Call us at 713-521-0373 or email at enquiry@jhorwitzlaw.com.

James’ vast and varied experience gives him keen insight – unique from other law firms.

Imagine being a business owner who requires assistance in such diverse matters as

Most clients at some time or another in their lives while be involved in one of more of these areas of law. James S. Horwitz, P.C. can assist you and your families in the resolution of these issues with sound judgment, confidentiality, integrity, and diligence.

Even if the facts of your particular issue may seem complex or confusing, James S. Horwitz, P.C. can achieve your legal goals in an orderly, seamless manner.

Need help with a Business, Real Estate, Family or Criminal Law matter? Or with your Estate Planning and Probate?
We would like to hear from you.

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